Long Tail Keywords – Why Now Is the Time to Put them in Focus

Did you know, long tail keywords account for around 70% of all web searches? That makes them a vital part of an effective digital marketing strategy. At Digital Elder, we are an Australian based team of digital marketing specialists with experience working on all sized campaigns in the SEO world of site rankings. We use a mixture of onsite and offsite optimisation techniques combined with a quality service of back linking to your site for the very best results. Read on to discover more about long tail keywords and why now is the time to focus on them as a highly effective way to boost your organic traffic, increase conversions, and establish your business as an industry-leader.

What Are Long Tail Keywords?

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The Importance of Long Tail Keywords for SEO

There are three main reasons that a good SEO strategy should focus on long tail terms:

1.They Increase Organic Search Hits

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Inquiries today generally extend beyond just a single-word search. Modern consumers are technologically advanced and time poor, and string together several words to get closer to the information they want, faster – especially with the rise of voice search. Voice search accounts for around 50% of all search queries, and they don’t involve one or two words, they include phrases. That makes long-tail keywords so important right now and for the future. Implementing long-tail keywords is an easy and effective way to increase organic search hits to your website.

2.They Have Less Competition

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It’s much easier to rank for long tails than for short, common keywords. That’s because there are fewer websites competing for high rankings in the result pages of Google. For example, a short tail keyword may have over 5 billion results in Google, meaning you would need to outrank 5 billion other sites to get the number 1 ranking. However, a long tail version of that keyword, will have a lot less competition and give you a greater chance of ranking highly.

For example, if you run a small clothing business and you want to target ‘women’s dresses’, if you enter that search query, you will notice literally millions of search results and the websites that rank highly are large ecommerce sites and large-scale retailers.

For smaller businesses, it can be almost impossible to compete for a high rank for such keywords. Even if you invest the time and resources to rank, it’s likely you won’t stock all the types of dresses that come under this category. Highly generic short tail keywords make it extremely difficult for small business to rank, and it can also result in higher bounce rates.

The wise thing to do is target something more specific. What category of dresses contributes most to your sales? Let’s say it’s plus size casual maxi dresses – there’s your first long tail keyword.

3.They Have Higher Conversion Rates

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Long tail searches may be longer, but that makes them more specific. This means the visitor that finds your website using the long tail phrase is more likely to buy your service or product as they are likely much further along in the buying cycle.

Take for example, a person looking for new running shoes. A search with the short tail term “running shoes” isn’t clear regarding their needs so the chances of getting conversion from such keywords is less likely. However, searching with a query such as “women’s running shoes under $100” is much more specific to their needs, so the chances of conversion for such keywords is much higher.

Using long tail keywords is an important, yet often overlooked, tactic to attract the right visitors to your site. For smaller and medium sized businesses, it absolutely essential to focus on long tail keywords – they are easier to rank, cost less, and generally have a higher conversion rate. Start exploring this vital part of keyword implementation, and put your business in an ideal position to leverage an advantage that your competitors are missing.

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