Choosing the Right Keywords for SEO

When it comes to attracting organic traffic to your website, it’s essential that your site is filled with fresh, up-to-date, engaging and relevant content. However, having the most amazing content is only half the battle, focusing on the right keywords is also key to getting your business to rank on page one. If you don’t rank on page one, you won’t get much traffic. At Digital Elder, we provide expert SEO services Melbourne businesses rely on to increase their organic traffic, maximise sales and boost their business growth. If you are a little overwhelmed by SEO and keyword selection, here’s a helpful guide to help choose the right keywords to maximise your SEO.

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Perform Keyword Research

Keywords are simply the words and phrases entered into a search engine. It’s these search terms that you want to rank for with a certain page. When people search for that keyword or search term, you want them to find that page on your website. Ask yourself the below questions:

– What search terms do you want to be found for?

– Which words do you think customers would search for to find you?

– What do you think the query would look like?

The answer to these questions will be the foundation of your keyword strategy. While the above sounds simple, SEO agencies also have access to specialised programs which are able to delve deeper to obtain more technical information.

Understand the Keyword Types

Keywords can be more than just one word; they can be multiple words strung together. There’s three different types of keywords:

– Head keywords – 1 or 2 words. These have a high search volume. Example: ‘board games’ – Google matches this with 1.52 billion pages!

– Body keywords – 2 to 3 words. These have a moderate search volume, not high, not low. Example: ‘educational board games’ Google displays 362 million results.

 – Long Tail keywords – 4+ words. These produce focussed results and most people that use them are further down the buying funnel. Example: ‘educational board games for 5 year olds’ – 23 million results.

In most cases, it is exceptionally difficult for small to medium businesses to rank well for head keywords. It’s far more effective and efficient to concentrate on long tail keywords.

Consider Search Intent

Search intent is important as it helps identify what keywords to select based on why people search. They’re usually divided into three categories:

 – Navigational keywords – where the user wants to find another webpage. For example, typing “Telstra” into the search engine to reach

– Informational keywords – when a searcher wants to find a piece of information. For example, typing “how to screenshot on iPhone” if they want to know how to do this action.

– Commercial keywords – where the searcher is looking to make a purchase. “Buy” is a key indicator of commercial intent. Typing “buy heavy-duty iPhone cover” into a search engine, the searcher is usually ready to part with their money.

To choose the right keywords and get the best results you need to put yourself in your customer’s shoes. A search like ‘buy keto diet cookbook’ is quite different from ‘keto diet recipes’. One is a commercial key phrase and the other is informational and the searcher is looking for different information with each one.

Study Your Competition

An easy way to suss out your competition for a given keyword is to enter it into Google and see what pages come up. Keep in mind that Google will always display paid-ads above other results. Once you scroll past the ads you will find the pages that organically appear on the first page of Google for your particular keyword. If this page dominated by large-scale brands and businesses, it’s highly unlikely you’ll be able to compete with their huge marketing budgets for a top spot.

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