Google Adwords

Google Ads are often the most instant and effective way to engage new leads for any business. It can however be quite frustrating at the same time if you aren’t using the best practices or monitoring your results regularly.

Our service in the Google Ads AdWords space is among the top agencies in Australia and we use only Australian based service professionals to deliver results for our clients.

Digital Elder is also one of the top AdWords suppliers according to Google themselves and we work closely with them. You can feel confident that we can build a successful campaign for you and whatever product or service you need to promote.

Lead Generation

If you are a business owner who needs to maximise the use of their time in order to maximise profit, our lead generation strategy service is perfect for you. We work in a manner that helps enhance the number and quality of leads your business receives – no wasted potential. Not only will Digital Elder help to produce leads for your business, we will also ensure that they are reputable, qualified leads, not those who will waste your time.

Our lead generation strategists understand the importance of a business generating qualified leads, and know just how to get them. We will work with you to develop an efficient lead generation campaign, one that generates the leads you want to be receiving.

Search Engine Optimisation

Our Australian based team of experts work on all sized campaigns in the Search Engine Optimisation world of site rankings. We use a mixture of onsite and offsite optimisation techniques coupled with a quality service of back linking to your site for best results.

SEO is a service where you pay for work completed on your website each month. Make sure you are getting the very best service available by working with the team at DE and see better results quickly as a result.

SEO is your lead generation foundation that is always there in search results even if your other advertising media may have spent out or is down for the day. Find out how you can get better results for the long term by contacting Digital Elder today and receive a complimentary website audit and suggestion report.

Web Design

DE is a full service agency, including the provision and maintenance of all types of websites.

Whether you need a single page or a 400+ product selling eCommerce website, we can help.

Everything we do is made in Melbourne with a locally based team who you will meet face to face before signing any agreements for service.

Make a quick call now to the team or send an email through to arrange a time to talk more about what you need.


Converting site traffic after a new visitor hits your site is a challenging. Quite often, a new visitor to your site lands on the home page and looks at a few other pages before they leave without contacting you.

For those that leave but did not take any action, Retargeting works very well by reminding them of your brand and your offer to them.

Digital Elder highly recommends retargeting as a very effective tool for most business owners as this product can give you the extra 15 – 30% lead conversion you seek!

Find out more about our Retargeting product and how we use both ‘on site and off site’ retargeting for the best results. Call today.

Video Advertising

Use of Video advertising is often seen as something clients want to do – but they feel high costs are a roadblock in actually setting it up.

If we could show you video options for your business that do not cost a huge amount of money – would you be interested to receive a proposal?

Whether your videos appear on YouTube or Social Media, these types of ads work very well. Let DE explain how we can set up video ads for you at affordable prices and how to use them efficiently to save your budget.

Social Media

By far our break out product of the year in 2018 was Social Paid Ads in terms of success for clients, new audience engagement, results and sales. What we do in this paid ad space will grow your leads via specific and targeted demographics. We also create content for general posting as a service for all types of industry as well – whether you need 4 posts a month or 24 – find out more now and take your social lead generation to a new high with DE.